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Daniel DeNiazi (earlier known Daniel Niazi) born, December of 6th 1991 in Constanta in Romania with his twin brother, best known for children’s organization Third Seconds TSCG that protect the children rights. He was an earlier society activist who`s also known for his critical opinions about the abuses of authority by the Norwegian government.
Daniel lived in an orphanage in Navodari with his twin brother David Jacobsen (born Ibazer Mehmet) until he was 4 years old, and he also has a sister who`s adopted from the same country.
In 1995 he was adopted by the parents Olav (1954) and Kristbjoerg Jacobsen (1961) and has lived in Sveio since he came to Norway. Through adolescence, Daniel struggled to speak and often stuttered when he should form a sentence.
He has been active with his activism since 2008, the same year when he founded the Third Seconds. He started his career by giving a speech at a primary school in the village after a council-manager came with the proposal to close down all the primary schools in the municipality, he decided to come forward with his opinion at a meeting for residents.
In 2011 he got an assignment from Kristin Halvorsen that he would get more municipalities to sign bullying campaign against bullying. The campaign was that it would facilitate a better psychosocial environment in schools.Niazi got a meeting with the earlier mayor of Haugesund, Petter Steen jr. about the Olweus program. The mayor meant that Niazi had raised an important issue.
DeNiazi is the founder of the local newspaper and the TV-company Channel H with Cato Manuel Ekrene.
Niazi was internationally known for his work as attracted attention in October 2012 when he traveled to Poland to take part in a demonstration, where authorities (Government) had violations of children’s rights. Over 800 students showed up to participate in the demonstration in the city of Warsaw, not least to hear his speaking voice about how he would change the world by reducing violations of the UN Convention.
When Daniel DeNiazi was 12 years old, he starting to write poems and fairy tales for children. In 2006, when he was 15 years old, he came out with his first book Small pleasures for young and old (or. Små gleder for liten og stor). He has written the book of Angelina`dress (Angelinas kjole). A book for children.
With his twin brother, he was born in one of the poorest countries in Europe. Daniel was born after the Romanian Revolution, when Nicolae Ceausescu ruled the country as a dictator (president). It`s said that he and his brother had not come to Norway at that time if not Laszlo Tokes had spoken against Ceausescu.

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