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Take a walk with me. Just 30 minutes walk each day. That’s it, and I’m sure that you want to join other people who walks with me. Use hashtag #WalkWithDan, and you can also use the hashtag on facebook too. 


Why I Walk?

I walk every day. Each day, and I walk for the cases that are really important to fight for. Justice and human rights violation we don’t accept. When Nelson Mandela won the Noebl Peace Prize for his fighting against apartheid we saw up to him.

Walk with me will say that you can sit and write an article in 30 minute or more. An article about a issue you really fighting for, a campaing or a case that a organization standing for.

TAKEACTION! You have to use hashtag #WalkWithDan if your message from your case are going to be heard. I’ve 11.000 readers every day and I want to that everyone are going to get use their freedom of speech. Come on and let you be heard!

Do you fighting for:

  • Health (mental and physical)
  • Animal rights
  • Child rights
  • Children and young people who have ME
  • Children and young people who are diagnosed with Cancer
  • Against the racism
  • Women rights
  • Better Social for young people (mental / psychology)

I walk more than 30 minute, but I walk for the society we need. We need a society who can take responsibility for human rights and responsibility who can make peace between the parts who are disagree.


I walk with these issues: 


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